Why Are Dental X-Rays Performed?

Dental X-Rays or radiographs are the images of your teeth, gums, roots, etc. that help a dentist get an idea of your oral health. Most of the people need dental X-rays on an annual basis. You will find such services at any dental healthcare organization such as dental x ray north charleston centers.

is the Need for Dental X-Rays?

The average human being needs their dental X-Rays to be done yearly. However, you might need to have them done more often if your dentist feels so.

Generally, dentists ask for frequent dental X-rays when they track the status of a dental issue or treatment.

The number of times a person needs a dental X-ray depends on a lot of factors. These include your age, oral health, any dental disease symptoms, and a history of tooth decay.

A new patient could also need a dental X-ray done. This is to ensure that the new dentist receives a clear picture of the patient’s dental health. This is more important if you do not carry any X-Ray documents from your previous dentist.

Children also need to have dental X-rays done if their dentist is monitoring some teeth problems. Besides, kids might need it to be done more often.

This is because the dentists might be monitoring the growth of their adult teeth. The baby teeth might be required to be pulled out to prevent certain complications.


A dental X-Ray is a pretty safe procedure to execute. They expose you to a minimal amount of radiation. These are an integral part of any plans related to dental treatment.

Dental X-Rays help the dentist locate cavities, get a clear picture of the teeth roots, etc. Moreover, it also helps to monitor growing teeth in children. Therefore, this procedure has a lot of necessity.